Don’t Forget to Set the Meta Tags!

Make sure each page and post has a unique title and description meta tag Each page and post on your site should have a unique title and description meta tag that briefly describes what your page is about. By default, the Genesis theme comes with an SEO section you can customize on a page by […]

Changing the Footer Information – Genesis Simple Edits Plugin

Note: This applies only to WordPress sites using the Genesis + Child theme Learn how to change the footer information at the bottom of your website as well as some post meta data display options.

Changing the favicon of your website is EASY in WordPress 4.3

WordPress 4.3 added a new feature so that you can change the favicon for your site with a square grapic (jpg or png). It is no longer necessary to create the special favicon.ico file! YAY!

How to Add a New Page in WordPress (version 4.3+)

Learn how to add a new page in WordPress (version 4.3.1) This video will show you how to: Create a page Add an image Use and heading tags Add a hyperlink in your text

Setting up a Custom Menu and Adding to a Menu in WordPress

This video shows how to create and add to a WordPress custom menu: Create a custom menu Set the location of your menu Add tabs that aren’t pages Add custom links Open link in a new tab Move around pages in the menu

How to add a YouTube video to your website

When adding the embed code for a YouTube video to your website Make sure you are using Text mode on your website not Visual. Code can not be pasted in WordPress’ visual mode. Make sure you sized the video before copying the code on YouTube – all sizing must be done there unless you are […]

New CommentLuv Premium WordPress Plugin

The release of the Premium version of CommentLuv by Andy Bailey is just weeks away. I was thrilled to be chosen as a beta tester for my favorite WordPress plugin, and I can tell you it is CommentLuv on STEROIDS! My personal site Finding The Humor has a lot of interaction thanks to CommentLuv, so […]

Revision Control Plugin for WordPress | Perfect Solution for the Save-Happy Writer

The one thing I find most frustrating with WordPress is the inability to limit the number of revisions it stores for each post or page. Possessing a bad habit of composing posts in WordPress and hitting the “save draft” button every few changes, I’m drowning in revisions. Having multiple copies of each page can really […]

Got Blogger’s Block? Let’s get you blogging now.

Nothing gives you fresh content on your site like a blog. If you are nervous about jumping into the whole blogosphere, there are many great resources available to give you advice. Copyblogger Even after almost two years of blogging, I find myself returning to this site again and again for headline advice. A great headline […]

Why I like the Genesis theme for WordPress

I love the Genesis/child theme from StudioPress, and here is why … Dual layer theme Genesis is a dual layer theme. The parent theme (Genesis) takes care of the main structure of the site and its working with WordPress, while the child theme handles the “look” and custom layout options. This separation allows Genesis to […]