Why I like the Genesis theme for WordPress

I love the Genesis/child theme from StudioPress, and here is why … Dual layer theme Genesis is a dual layer theme. The parent theme (Genesis) takes care of the main structure of the site and its working with WordPress, while the child theme handles the “look” and custom layout options. This separation allows Genesis to […]

Customizing the WPtouch mobile plugin

The WPtouch plugin provides a mobile-friendly version of a WordPress website. Did you know you can customize the look and add your logo? The plugin has many options, but my focus is on the creation of a custom logo icon. Create your new icons First create a 57×57 pixel .jpg image to use as an […]

WordPress Security Keys

WordPress, version 2.7 or later, has four security keys in the wp-config.php file to ensure better encryption of information stored in the user’s cookies. Sometimes in the excitement of installing WordPress for a new site, this step gets overlooked. Are you using them? Use an FTP program to look at your wp-config.php file for your […]