New CommentLuv Premium WordPress Plugin

The CommentLuv Plugin
The release of the Premium version of CommentLuv by Andy Bailey is just weeks away.

I was thrilled to be chosen as a beta tester for my favorite WordPress plugin, and I can tell you it is CommentLuv on STEROIDS! My personal site Finding The Humor has a lot of interaction thanks to CommentLuv, so I’ve mostly been playing around with the settings on that blog.

Not only can you encourage comments as before, but CommentLuv Premium allows you the ability to offer a few incentives for them to continue to return to your blog, Like a post on Facebook, Google +1 a post, or Tweet about it.

What is included in the premium version?

  • CommentLuv – With many customization options
  • DoFollow – Now you can control who gets the dofollow link!
  • GASP – GrowMap Anti-Spambot Plugin
  • TwitterLink
  • Keyword Name (like KeywordLuv)
  • TrackBack validation
  • CommentLuv Click Stats (on dashboard)
  • Top CommentLuvvers Widget

My Favorite Feature

Despite loving all the new features, my favorite is the ability to control the dofollow on comments.
commentluv premium wordpress plugin screenshot

Now I’m able to reward my regular readers for their dedication with a dofollow link without also having to give the one-time visitors the same Luv.

CommentLuv Click Stats

A handy dashboard widget lets you know not only that you had clicks from comments you left on other blogs, but they tell you which post they came from.
commentluv premium WordPress plugin click report

Video on CommentLuv Features

Hop on over to to see the video screencast showing the new features behind the scenes.

Note: The version in the video is the original beta, and a few tweeks have already been implemented to ensure everything runs smoothly.

Blogs that have the Premium Beta Version