Why I like the Genesis theme for WordPress

WordPress Themes by StudioPress
I love the Genesis/child theme from StudioPress, and here is why …

Dual layer theme

Genesis is a dual layer theme. The parent theme (Genesis) takes care of the main structure of the site and its working with WordPress, while the child theme handles the “look” and custom layout options.

This separation allows Genesis to be updated frequently to work flawlessly with new versions of WordPress without affecting the look of the site. Pure genius! No fear of the CSS file being written over.

It is a security risk not to upgrade to the newest version of WordPress when it is available, so you need this consistency.

StudioPress was among the first to employ a dual layer theme, and much of the industry is now following suit. I believe this is likely the future of premium themes, and StudioPress is way ahead of the game with Genesis.


The support forum is second to none as most questions have an answer within minutes, so the site isn’t on hold while I wait to get a question answered.


I like the flexibility and ease of creating and changing the front page by moving a few widgets. This also gives you, the website owner, an easy, user-friendly interface to make some changes to your site’s look without needing any technical assistance.

As a hand-coder, I can appreciate not having to do a lot of hard coding, thanks to the theme’s flexibility and ease of adding in a custom hook using the Genesis Simple Hooks Plugin. Genesis produces clean code, too, which passes the WW3 parser with ease. This will become more important as browsers become increasingly stricter about coding practices.

StudioPress is constantly releasing new child themes to work with the Genesis framework, which increases the options that are available as a starting point. That is just exciting!

SEO friendly

No need for the All In One SEO plugin. With Genesis, you are already able to place custom meta tags (title, description, keywords) specific to each page and post. This is a tremendous advantage if you are interested in getting natural search engine traffic, and who doesn’t want that?

Why a well supported theme is important

When I upgraded the sites I manage to WordPress 3.0 and Genesis’ new version, I had no issues.
Here is where using a well-supported premium theme is priceless. StudioPress did extensive testing with WordPress 3.0 beta to insure a flawless upgrade once WordPress 3.0 was available in its final form.

Hint: Uninstalling all the plugins before upgrading is a must to avoid some quirky things from happening.

Bottom Line

Using a powerful premium theme as the base of a website saves money by reducing development time.

StudioPress creates superior products. There is no question they are a leader in WordPress theme development by continuing to make improvements that make my job designing a site and my client’s job maintaining a site easier and more flexible.